Supporting Charities Who Help Those in Need

Unlike most charities. Camo with a Cause supports many different causes through our quarterly fundraising missions. All the causes that we support are natural, commonsense, community value-based. Help an individual, help the community, help mankind, better the world.

Proudly Supporting Veterans and their Families

Helping veterans and their families is a cause truly close to heart at Camo with a Cause. Our veterans have served us and sacrificed so much. We at Camo with a Cause want to do our part to make sure help is available when needed.

Helping Fill a Need in Our Community

Over 40 million Americans struggle to put food on the table. One in five children may suffer needlessly from hunger. Camo with a Cause supports local food banks to fight hunger in America.

About Us

We want to give to those that are trying so hard, but just need a little help. The ones that work so hard and never ask. The ones that served when their country called and now need our help. The ones that disaster, misfortune, or tragedy has knocked down. And now just need to get back on their feet. A family that is going through a medical emergency. A single mother that’s fell behind on the bills. We provide a hand up, not a hand out. Pay it forward! It’s this philosophy that allows those that never ask, to be given a helping hand.

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Pay the rent or pay for prescriptions. Pay for food or pay the electric bill. This may seem like an unlikely scenario, but unfortunately this is a reality for many Americans. Our mission for first quarter of 2019 is to help as many local fixed income veterans as possible.


What makes Camo with a Cause different from other charities?

Camo with a Cause is a nonprofit organization established to help the many needs of our community. The well-being of our veterans who have sacrificed so much for this great country is one of the many heart felt causes we support. We also provide support to many other charities and causes. That is what makes Camo with a Cause different, is that we are able to support multiple causes.

Every 3 months we have a quarterly mission. Through our stated missions, we raise funds to help many different charities. For example, homelessness, hunger, health care, education, human services, community development, medical research, service animals, and of course, veterans. We focus our operations in the state of Virginia. However, if there is a major catastrophe outside of our local area, then we will undoubtedly assist in any way we can. Just as our countrymen and women rally around to help those negatively impacted, we too give full support after natural disasters to those in need. Our goal is to provide funding where needed, to make communities stronger, to bring awareness to the struggles that some of our neighbors face on a daily basis, and to support our honored veterans.


There are over 22 million military veterans in the US.

Nearly 10 million veterans are age 65 or older.

Almost 1 million vets lived in poverty in the last year.


1 in 3 veterans live with some form of PTSD.


More than 1 in 10 homeless in America is a veteran.


51% of homeless veterans have some type of disability.


90% of homeless veterans received an honorable discharge.


67% of homeless veterans served our country for 3 or more years.