Who We Are

CAMO WITH A CAUSE is a multi-faceted nonprofit, organized to provide help to those in need. Some of the causes we support are, US military veterans, homeless, women’s shelters, cancer research, eldercare, Americans with disabilities, natural disasters and many others.

Each quarter we support a chosen cause. Most of the chosen missions are regional and make a big difference right here in Virginia. Other missions might be farther away such as a natural disaster or support role for a larger fundraiser.

Our stated goal is to help where needed.

We want to give to those that are trying so hard, but just need a little help. The ones that work so hard and never ask. The ones that served when their country called and now need our help. The ones that disaster, misfortune, or tragedy has knocked down. And now just need to get back on their feet. A family that is going through a medical emergency. A single mother that’s fell behind on the bills. We provide a hand up, not a hand out. Pay it forward! It’s this philosophy that allows those that never ask, to be given a helping hand.

hands in a circle

Please help us with our current mission.